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Logo and Identity Design

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. If you’re not branding your image across your company, well, you just aren’t branding and nobody with remember your specific brand among the sea of other brands!

Maintaining a consistent look throughout your logo, stationery and business card, collateral material, web site and social media, is what branding is all about. We can help you build a recognizable and memorable image and identity to effectively stand out and gain new business.

The hardest part of the whole process is coming up with a distinct and memorable logo. Once you have picked the “ripe banana”, making banana bread is easy! The best graphics are memorable and effective.

If your brand can appeal to an emotion, or a basic sense, then even better. For example, we remember more when a direct emotion or direct sense is involved, so, we “sniff” out the best design from the start.

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Business Card and Stationery

Well, it’s been said that a business card is your 30-second sales speech in your pocket. It is your quickest deliverable to a prospect in a direct presence. So, why not give yourself an edge and have it done right?

We love to push the conservative boundaries. If you have a physical business card, why not have an online business card as well? While we’re at it, anytime you send out a communication, there are multiple potential prospects for your business viewing it from the envelope, to the invoice, to the quotation, so why not benefit by having a consistent branding message across the board?

We can help you create a unified look throughout your business card, letterhead, envelope, and entire stationery material. Your brand image will have a strong and consistent impact. Let us show you what we can do!

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