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Our Process

We don't like complicated systems for two simple reasons: too much overhead and too much maintenance.

Our streamlined process means competitive rates for you, as well as a stress-free and straightforward process that gives you professional results. This is why our process for whatever we do is four steps and only four steps:

  1. Analysis

    To begin the process, we start with a simple interview to find out about your business. Who are your customers and target audience? What is your goal for the project? We also consider your competitors and what sets you apart. The more we can understand your vision, the better the outcome of the project will be.

  2. Concept

    Our second step in the process is to take what we have learned about your business wants and needs and transform it into a visual layout and flow. You will receive as many visual mock ups and sample layouts as necessary in order to reach a design that is exactly what you envision. At this point, when we have a created a project design and layout that you are completely satisfied with, you then sign off on the layout, design, and infrastructure used so we can begin the development step.

  3. Development

    This is the biggest part of the project. We take the analysis and concept and turn it into a finished product. We build the separate components of the project using your content such as copy and images which you supply, or, you can arrange to have us create or fine-tune copy for you. Here we will fix any issues and tweak anything necessary so everything runs properly and meets your approval.

  4. Delivery

    At this point, you will have signed off on the development of your project and we will have provided you a final version of the project. If there are any new and additional changes...don't worry! We will add them in for you!