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Web Design & Development

Do you have an existing web site that requires some coding tweaks to accomplish a needed business function? Do you want to integrate your Point of Sale software with your external web site? Do you have multiple sites but no direct link between them? Well, we can make it happen!

We utilize numerous scripting and programming languages to accomplish the task. Whether it is adding a Graphical User Interface to a console or text based legacy system, or creating or updating a database to store more information, we have the toolset to accomplish the task.

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Content Management Systems

We have a preference to using Joomla, however, we are not married to it! If you have Wordpress or Drupal, or even CMS Made Simple, that’s not a problem and we will work with what you have.

A Content Management System (CMS) is designed to make updates to a web site easy. There is no need to modify multiple HTML web pages to add a new menu item. Basically, a CMS is a Do-it-Yourself approach, although, we can perform the updates for you if you require.

If you prefer to do your own website updates, we will walk you through the basics on how to use the CMS and provide you with handy information on how to perform required tasks of maintaining your web site. Now is the time to take control! Release your inner web beast and see how easy it is to maintain your web site and add your own content.

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e-Commerce Solutions

If you have a business, you should have an online presence at the very least. Having an e-Commerce presence vastly increases your ability to produce more sales, even when you sleep!

e-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. We have the right tools to get you up and running in the most efficient manner possible.

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